Botox in Chicago, IL

Dundee Dermatology is proud to offer BOTOX® Cosmetic for our Chicago area patients. BOTOX is one of the most widely recognized cosmetic injectables, and can be a great treatment option for women and men with heavy frown lines or wrinkles of the upper face.

BOTOX is completely nonsurgical and provides lasting wrinkle correction. If you feel like you’re looking older, tired or angry, BOTOX can come to the rescue. It is particularly helpful in improving moderate to severe lines in between the eyebrows. A beautiful, wrinkle-free face can be yours and better yet, treatment will only take about 10 minutes of your time!

If you are thinking about BOTOX, you probably know that there are many medical providers of all types offering this wrinkle reduction treatment. Why choose us for BOTOX? It’s simple – our experienced providers are experts in BOTOX use and know how to maximize your wrinkle reduction results, and beyond that, each and every staff member is dedicated to unparalleled patient care, so you know you’re in good hands.

You don’t have to worry about looking “frozen” or unnatural after your BOTOX treatment at Dundee Dermatology. If you’re thinking about a Chicago BOTOX treatment, call us today at (847) 851-8888 or request a consultation online.

BOTOX Explained

BOTOX is a nonsurgical treatment designed to relax the facial muscles that cause certain types of wrinkles (known as “dynamic” wrinkles). It works by blocking nerve impulses to decrease the muscle activity that leads to frown lines. This treatment takes only minutes and you can carry on with your day’s activities right after leaving our office. In about a week, you’ll begin to notice lines and wrinkles are smoothing out, giving you a more relaxed and youthful appearance.

Patients can expect their smooth results to last about 3 to 5 months before a touch-up treatment is necessary. While a treatment with BOTOX in the Chicago area will not produce permanent results, an easy visit to our conveniently located office will help you maintain your refreshed appearance.

The Treatment

BOTOX injections are performed with a very fine needle and are considered painless for the most part. To minimize the “pinch” sensation of the needle, a numbing cream or cold compress can be applied before the injection. Side effects are rare and will be discussed with you during your consultation appointment.

BOTOX is an affordable way to maintain a youthful complexion. Contrary to what you might hear, this treatment will not inhibit your ability to frown or express other emotions. Although you can see the results of having a BOTOX treatment, you will look refreshed and not frozen or “plastic.”

It is very common for our patients to combine their BOTOX treatment with another facial enhancement such as an injectable fillerIPL or laser skin resurfacing. If you are considering a comprehensive makeover, the skin specialists at Dundee Dermatology look forward to developing a custom treatment plan just for you.