Clinical Research

Clinical trials are highly organized studies of medications or medical devices. Though the trials are structured and planned by a sponsoring pharmaceutical company, all the clinical trials that we participate in are closely supervised and approved by the US Food & Drug Administration.

Leading pharmaceutical companies have recognized the expertise and experience of Dundee Dermatology for participation in their FDA-approved research trials. Though there can be both benefits and risks to a clinical trial, a primary advantage to patients is that trials can provide access to treatments and medications that are not yet widely available.

Dundee Dermatology is recognized for expertise in several common but troublesome dermatologic conditions and serves as a clinical research resource for these conditions. We have conducted a broad range of studies in phases II through IV of study development and continue active participation in dermatology research efforts in Chicago for a range of skin conditions.

Current and Open Research Studies:

We are currently awaiting the initiation of a several new trials for the treatment of psoriasis at our dermatology practice near Chicago . If you have a significant degree of plaque psoriasis, please contact our Clinical Research Coordinator, JoAnn Hawkinson BSN, to inquire about whether pending trials may be of benefit.

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Previous Sponsored Clinical Research Studies Have Included:

  • 06/2010 – 10/2010 Eli Lilly and Company – Phase II – Psoriasis
  • 01/2009 – 06/2010 Basilea Pharmaceutica AG – Phase III – Hand eczema
  • 06/2008 – 08/2009 Pfizer Inc – Phase II – Psoriasis
  • 06/2008 – present Abbott Laboratories – Phase III – Psoriasis
  • 05/2008 – 06/2009 Abbott Laboratories – Phase III – Psoriasis
  • 02/2008 – present Centocor Ortho Biotech Inc – Phase IV – Psoriasis Registry
  • 02/2008 – 08/2009 Abbott Laboratories – Phase III – Psoriasis
  • 08/2007 – present Centocor Ortho Biotech Inc– Phase IV – Psoriasis
  • 12/2006 – 04/2007 Obagi Medical Products, Inc – Phase IV – Acne vulgaris
  • 02/2006 – 06/2006 Amgen Inc – Phase IV – Psoriasis
  • 02/2004 – 02/2006 Immunex Corp Phase III – Psoriasis
  • 09/2003 – 04/2004 Genentech, Inc – Phase III – Psoriasis
  • 06/2003 – 06/2005 Biogen Idec, Inc – Phase IV – Psoriasis Registry

If you would like to learn more about our clinical research trials, contact our Clinical Research Coordinator, JoAnn Hawkinson BSN, at 847-851-8888 extension 28.